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The ARRV are a group for enthusiasts of ancient Roman history and warfare, exploring the life, tools, clothing and battlefield techniques practiced by the Legions during the late Republic and early Imperial era.

Formed in 2016, the ARRV meet up monthly to train, drill, spar and discuss the history and methods of the ancient Romans, using a variety of weapons, equipment and kit to explore the way the Legions became an unparalleled military force in the ancient world.

The ARRV are involved in various public events, displaying a disciplined and spectacular drill for all to see. See our pictures for examples.

Members of the ARRV vary, openly accepting male, female, younger and older people. These people fill roles of Legionnaries, auxilliaries, and skirmishers, as well as civilian and political roles.


The group focuses mostly on the military exploits of the Romans, but also become involved in exploring domestic life and culture.

​Ancient Roman Re-enactors Victoria are always happy to accept new members.

Contact us at ancientrrv@gmail.com.

ARRV is an inclusive and welcoming club. Members and visitors to our various sites and forums must comply with the basic rule of respect and positive communication and comments, even when disagreeing. Any person found not to comply with this basic requirement will be removed from the relevant forum or site.



ARRV Recognises and Affiliates with Nova Roma.

Nova Roma is an international organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture.

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