Interested in joining the 10th Legion? Do you seek to earn glory for Republic and/or Emperor of Rome? Keen to defend the Empire or put barbarians in their place? The 10th Fretensis is recruiting now, and we are looking for new soldiers to join our ranks.

Download our Association Rules for full information.

Male and female, young and old, anyone with an interest in ancient Roman history, war, life and culture are welcome to join up to experience being in the Legion during late Republican and early Imperial times.

The ARRV portrays the 10th Legion Fretensis in training, on campaign, and in battle. We consist of several types of soldier, including Legionnairies but also auxiliaries and allied detachments. This allows people who are interested in various different battlefield roles, or those who for their own reasons are unable to portray Legionnairies of the 10th, to join us in battle.

For those who are less inclined to war, the ARRV are also inclusive of civilian and cultural reenactors. Whether you are interested in creating and using household items, eating like the Romans, or exploring the unique cultural structure of the Romans, we have a growing interest in these kinds of portrayals also.

Ancient Roman Re-enactors Victoria are accepting new members now. If you are interested in joining, or simply have a question or comment, then please send us an E-mail and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Be sure to read our Association rules if you have any questions.

ARRV is an inclusive and welcoming club. Members and visitors to our various sites and forums must comply with the basic rule of respect and positive communication and comments, even when disagreeing. Any person found not to comply with this basic requirement will be removed from the relevant forum or site.

Thank you for your compliance.

The Committee.